A collaborative digital platform enabling design using additive manufacturing (master thesis)

Problem description

Additive Manufacturing (AM) offer in its vision the ability to “Manufacture on Demand”, i.e. allowing end user to specify their preferences, where after a product definition is created and can be instantly produced. In practice, there are several challenges to fully realize this vision for non-trivial products. One critical aspect is to capture and manage the information that is shared and processed between the partners involved.

The thesis project aim to support a business scenario involving several collaborative partners and visualize relevant information to the different partners. 

In particular, one challenge is that the whole supply chain must cooperate tighter than before.  Several players need access information at the same time and each product becomes unique. To ensure the quality assurance of this process – several companies – requires high traceability. For this reason, the opportunity offered by digital applications is very appealing for the involved partners.

The thesis work will be focused on the following objectives:

  1. Develop and test a digital application (e.g., “an app”) that allow user to customize and individualize their products, based on available dataset provided (e.g., 3D CAD parametric files, csv files with printing time). You will enrich the dataset with additional data depending on input from users
  2. Visualize critical aspects of the customized products to the user (e.g. delivery time, carbon footprint, cost) through the developed digital application.

The scenarios studies are found in the Swedish Test Bed initiatives where a range of different companies provide real use cases that govern the needs for information sharing.

The following two sections describe the case study you will be working on, as well as a high level idea of the intended approach to follow, in order to achieve objectives a) and b). However, how the approach is implemented will be defined by you, after applying your engineering skills and competences.


Industrial and Academic contacts:

  • Eurostep:
    • Simon Pettersson, Regional Operations Manager,

simon.pettersson@eurostep.com , +46 73 330 68 93

  • Chalmers:
    • Massimo Panarotto, Researcher at the Division of Product Development, Department of Industrial and Materials Science, panarotto@chalmers.se , +46 31 772 67 85



We are looking for one to two students with a combined interest in digitalization in manufacturing industries.

  • Computer Science with an interest in applications for manufacturing industry
  • Mechanical Engineering with an interest in information technologies and digitalization

Suitable background is M, Z, D, TD

About Eurostep

Eurostep (https://www.eurostep.com/) delivers software and services for product lifecycle management with a particular focus on the exchange and sharing of data within and between enterprises. Eurostep’s core product, ShareAspace® is a software that supports collaboration across the entire life cycle of products.

Eurostep has subsidiaries in Sweden, the UK, Finland, France, Germany and the US and has customers in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, high tech, and building & construction.


Case study

The vision of our client is to use AM to produce large scale products, to reduce environmental impact, but also to provide customers with highly customized and self-designed products.

How you will be supported:

  1. You will get access to current available dataset from the client case (e.g., 3D CAD parametric files, csv files with printing time and energy consumption)
  2. Access to the company professionals and access to their tool (ShareAspace, https://www.eurostep.com/products/shareaspace-features/) to get you started with establishing the connection with your digital application, and to upload the available dataset on such platform.