Eurostep is committed to work with partners.

Interested to become a partner – please Contact Håkan Kårdén +46 (0)8 4101 3150

There are three categories of partners: Business Partners, Technology Partners and Academia.

Business partners deliver solutions based on Eurostep’s software and services. A business partner can also contribute technology and services as parts of a solution delivered by Eurostep. Eurostep’s strategy to work actively with Business Partners has proven to be important for us and our customers. Together with our partners we can deliver the optimum mix of competencies in projects.

Technology partners provide core technology used in Eurostep’s software products.

Partners in academia have programs in place supporting sharing of research insight as well as use of technology of common intererest. Eurostep has technology programmes targeting academia.

Eurostep Business Partners

Eurostep has a partner agreement with CGI concerning hosting of ShareAspace. CGI’s overall business concept is to create tangible benefits for the customer through a wide range of design and IT-related services in selected customer segments.


Eurostep has a partner agreement with Hummingbird Innovations. The partnership will primarily provide US based companies in aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, AEC and other industries with integration solutions based on ShareAspace.


PartDB is a reseller of ShareAspace based in Daejeon, South Korea. PartDB is a unique company providing solutions development and consulting services in the field of Engineering IT and Engineering VR based on international standards such as ISO(10303, 13584, 15926) and X3D. PartDB provides engineering services from methodology to solution implementation in the field of management and reuse of information throughout the product lifecycle within national Defense, shipbuilding, construction, and plant industry.


Eurostep has a partner agreement with Syntell AB for the Swedish market. Syntell AB is a pioneering systems and logistics engineering consultancy company based in Sweden, capable of providing support for a whole range of life cycle processes, tools and disciplines required for complex technical systems. Syntell was originally founded to assist the business community in the defence sector in adopting new effective management methods for major military Projects.


Systecon offer consulting services and software products for Systems and Logistics Engineering. Systecon provides customers with solutions that enable higher productivity, better availability and higher safety in the most cost effective way from a life cycle perspective. Eurostep and Systecon have worked together in integrating ShareAspace with the Systecon Tools for Spare parts optimization.


Volvo IT is a hosting partner for ShareAspace. Volvo IT provides solutions for all areas of the industrial process, and offer unique skills and expertise in Product Lifecycle Management, SAP solutions, and IT operations.


Eurostep Technology Partners

Eurostep is a certified partner to Microsoft. Eurostep’s flagship ShareAspace is built using Microsoft technology. In February 2008 ShareAspace was the first PLM software in the world to be certified for Windows Server 2008.


Eurostep Partners in Academia


Chalmers is using ShareAspace in R&D and education. Chalmers University of Technology offers PhD and Licentiate course programs as well as MSc Eng, M. Arch, BSc Eng, BSc and nautical programs. The University was founded in 1829.


The Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan – KTH) is using ShareAspace in R&D and education. KTH was founded in 1827 and is responsible for one-third of Sweden’s capacity for engineering studies and technical research at post-secondary level.