Groupe Renault – An automotive alliance product data collaboration


In 2016 Groupe Renault evaluated several different solutions for internal and external PLM collaboration. After a Proof of Concept validation ShareAspace was chosen to support Groupe Renaults initiative to become fully digital throughout the area of PLM.


Manual point-to-point collaboration with suppliers, single cell robotic simulation and physical validation of manufacturing engineering is no longer efficient enough. In today’s competitive environment, up to date engineering data needs to be available 24/7. Initially three areas where addressed:

• Enable fast loops between product definition and downstream applications
• Increase efficiency and create “new breakthrough” in the collaboration with Nissan and Daimler
• Reduce Delay and Cost to start collaboration with new OEM


The selection is in line with GAAG (Global Automotive Advisory Group) recommendation for OEM-to-OEM collaboration, to base collaboration between …

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