Kongsberg Protech Systems – Supplier Collaboration


Because Kongsberg supply RWS on performance based contracts, they need to have full control of design specifications and configuration of all systems at all times. They need to supply customers and government authorities with accurate configuration information for each individual RWS. This information was located in several Line of Business (LOB) systems.


The level integration between the internal and the supplier’s systems did not support the increased complexity, and became a bottleneck as the business grew. Whenever sub-systems were returned from maintenance the information needed to be updated to reflect the change. The manual process caused long lead times in the maintainance, repair and overhaul (MRO) process.


The solution supports a consolidated view of all design specifications. All change requests and deviations of over 200 components per individual RWS is available through Eurostep ShareAspace PLM Collaboration platform. Relevant information is collected from the internal LOB systems including updates from external sub-contractor…

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