Scania – Collaboration with Partner


Scania is partnering with Higer Bus Company Ltd. to design and manufacture buses. Scania manufactures the chassis and ship it to Higer, who designs and manufactures the bus bodies according to the configuration from Scania. The buses are sold world wide by Scania who also have the responsibility to provide full aftermarket service for the vehicles. To maintain the technical documentation and spare part inventory at Scania, Higer provides an as-build product structure for each individual bus body.


The manual process to update the product structure creates quality issues and problems in down stream service activities, with incomplete spare part inventory and catalogue. The manual process was also dependent on a handful of people which did not scale when Scania planned to increase production volumes with Higer.


Eurostep, in cooperation with Scania, built the External Partner Product Specification (EPPS) platform upon Eurostep ShareAspace PLM Collaboration, to manage product information created by any external partner. This gave Scania a general…

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