Siemens Energy – Collaboration with Suppliers and Partners


Siemens cover the whole process of development, sales, engineering, manufacturing and the after market with lifetime service. Each turbine consists of approx. 10 000 parts and 5% of those are new/revised per project. The core turbine is designed and manufactured in Finspång, while auxiliary parts are sourced from sub-suppliers and then assembled in Siemens workshop before sending the complete turbine to the customer.


The extensive use of a document-based communication process, based on e-mail and some times also in print, made it complex and expensive to track product specifications and documentation coming from suppliers. Lacking an effective way to communicate with suppliers could lead to development of turbines based on incorrect specifications and difficulties for suppliers to manage system documentation.


The solution is a secure and standard based collaboration hub that connects Siemens and their suppliers to an environment to share product data in a controlled way, with minimal impact on existing processes and tools. Siemens can maintain up-to-date product configuration with suppliers, partners and…

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