Volvo Cars – Handling Complexity of Product Data Across Companies


Volvo Cars has a long history of building cars in collaboration with other car manufacturers around the world. Since 2010 Volvo Cars has been part of Geely Group. Over the years the collaboration has spanned common product development as well as common production. Following successful introduction and sales for new models Volvo Cars is now moving forward and its collaborations and joint ventures are growing in number as well as complexity.


Sharing of product information across organizations is complex. With increasing product complexity this challenge is

growing. In order to manage the situation and support the growth Volvo Cars had the need for a fast and flexible system to meet the following challenges:

  • Management of multiple collaboration projects
  • Outsourcing of larger, more complex, assignments.
  • Secure technology sharing with other OEMs and system suppliers
  • Rapid set-up of new joint ventures
  • Easy establishment and termination of collaborations


ShareAspace maintains the part information of “Shared Technology” between Volvo Cars and its partners. The solution is delivered as a hosted cloud service….

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