Weda – Supplier collaboration in the manufacturing industry


Weda AB is a small company manufacturing robots for pool cleaning. They develop semi- and fully automated, submersible cleaning robots for different types of pools, from ordinary slightly larger public and commercial swimming pools to more customized solutions for industrial water reservoirs like nuclear power plants and water treatment plants. There are just under ten employees in the workshop and offices. In total, the production volume is about 100 pool robots a year, while the industrial area is about 20 units.


Weda has between 60 and 70 subcontractors on the component side and handles the assembly of the robots themselves, most of which are exported. The robots are technically complex solutions involving mechanics, electronics/sensors, cameras, software, programmable PLCs, and more. Weda manufactures very little themselves and instead assemble all the components that are part of the products. Traditionally, the management of this extensive supply chain has been handled with manual entries, e-mails, and other ways. This has resulted in a supply chain that has been quite difficult to keep track of and manage.

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