Controlled data sharing for the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers


The Royal Navy has taken delivery of two new Aircraft Carriers, HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and HMS PRINCE OF WALES. The aircraft carriers were built by a consortium that was closed in early 2020. ShareAspace is being used to hold the design data and other documentation coming from the consortium so that it is available to the multiple organizations (both inside and outside of the Ministry of Defence) that need controlled access.


The Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA), the consortium that built the new generation aircraft carriers, has been closed and its IT applications, including PLM, have closed with it. The Royal Navy wanted a standards-based approach to hold and share the design data from the ACA over time. The problem was to move the data from the ACA into a new repository organizing it ready for the support of the carriers, an activity that will involve many organizations for the next forty or more years.


Eurostep has been working with BAE Systems Maritime who provided the secure infrastructure. A data pipeline was established to import the data for the aircraft carriers. This included  …

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