Volvo Powertrain – Supplier Collaboration


Volvo have been working closely with Deutz AG, a German engine manufacturer, in the design and manufacture of diesel engines since 2000. The cooperation requires that information about engines supplied by Deutz is aligned with Volvo’s design, order and spare part processes, as if the engines were produced by Volvo themselves.


Volvo and Deutz have different ways of structuring their product information. They use different processes, different
PLM systems and even different ways of numbering parts. Volvo Penta experienced problems to get correct spare part information to meet customer demands, and inefficient spare part replacements due to lack of coordination with Deutz’s part numbers. Deutz experienced low order quality from Volvo and spent much time answering questions from different Volvo departments.


To support this partnership, a common area based on Eurostep ShareAspace PLM Collaboration platform was designed and implemented to share information in a secure…

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