The best way to control licensed data

The best way to control licensed data for both exporters and importers is by using ShareAspace. ShareAspace Export Control enables the sharing of information subject to export control regulations, such as ITAR, in global value chains. It encourages best practice in the management of export control data and maintains the records that export control authorities require.

For exporters

Here’s how using ShareAspace can help exporting companies manage what they have exported under a given licence:

For Importers

Here’s how using ShareAspace can help importing companies manage the information they have received under licence:

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Watch our webinar on export control data compliance and global value chains collaboration. Learn how you can tackle the challenges when collaborating in global value chains with data regulated by Export Control in combination with non-regulated data.

“In working with aerospace and defense companies, CIMdata commonly hears their important concerns with identifying and limiting product design information relative to intellectual property and export control across their supplier network.

We are also seeing an increasing interest in other sectors of the manufacturing industry where sensitive IP is shared as well as a growing need within small and medium businesses.”

– Ken Versprille, Ph.D., Executive Consultant, CIMdata.

If you are exporting or importing products that are subject to export control regulations it is critical that the associated product information is controlled. This is not just applicable to the traditional defence companies but to any company involved with information that is Export Control classified. The consequences of not complying can be significant and can result in extremely large fines.

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