Offset Agreements, Defense Manufacturing and Export Control

Secure your product data and gain a competitive advantage in offset agreements

For product data and IT departments, offset agreements can be a heavy burden. The information has to be secure and protected yet accessible to suppliers and partners. Data risks must be minimized but the supply chain has to be clear. New suppliers and international partners have to collaborate, stay informed, and keep track of the flow of goods in an environment of strict compliance and data protection laws.

Managing complex offset agreements can increase risks and add costs—and make life too difficult for some SME suppliers.

What if offset agreements could become part of your day-to-day business at no extra cost—or risk?

Put your intellectual property under secure access control and manage your supply chain data overseas with just a few simple clicks.

Discover our collaboration hub for contract manufacturing. Share and manage your product and systems data easily and securely with manufacturers and business partners.

Discover how easily you can share and protect your product data under Export Control and ITAR regulations with our secure solution for the defence industry.

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