Realizing the BIM Digital Twin and Digital Thread with ShareAspace, IFC, IoT and Azure services to support the data management across the life cycle of buildings and AEC assets

BIM and the Digital Twin

The use of Building Information Models [BIMs] is changing the way the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction [AEC] industries will operate in the future. Data from different disciplines and the early phases of design and construction will be reused downstream and during the entire building life cycle. The Internet of Things [IoT] will augment the BIM revolution and allow for real-time feedback during building use. The application of Digital Twins in AEC will bring BIM and IoT together. This digital transformation will facilitate new business models and new ways to optimize the use of capital, material, energy, and other resources.

By collecting it in a single repository, data from silos can be brought together, integrated, and consolidated. This allows for a better overall understanding of assets and their use, enabling owner and operators to make more informed decisions.

In future, the integration of data will support the views of different actors involved over the complete life cycle of a building. Reusing data has the potential to eliminate manual data re-entry and, thereby, drastically increase data quality.

The need for a standards-based approach

Building a “system” to support Digital Twins and related technologies is a significant investment. In a presentation at PDT Europe 2017, Marc Halpern from Gartner emphasized this point in a presentation entitled “Busting the Myth of Digital Twins and …

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