ShareAspace cloud offering


For more than 15 years at Eurostep we have implemented product data collaboration for demanding clients in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, high-tech, and AEC industries. So far, our clients have been large organizations with their own IT infrastructure requiring on-premise solutions. But, what if we could provide PLM collaboration to small and medium-sized companies that haven’t been able afford on-premise solutions due to the high upfront cost of infrastructure… Would a cloud solution make it possible for SME’s to collaborate together without relying on big enterprises to manage product data throughout their lifecycle?

This is why this fall, October 2019, we are launching ShareAspace-as-a-Service intended not only for big enterprises but for SME’s as well!

Our cloud solution will be based on the proven ShareAspace platform but built on modern cloud technology. Based on industry standards (PLCS and AP242) and an open API, it will be an excellent choice for joint ventures and partnerships between small and medium-sized enterprises. Our cloud solution just as our on-premise collaboration hub will be unrestricted to your partners in-house systems, with the advantage that it will be easier to set up and easier to use. Our cloud solution is promising to add tangible value to your business from R&D to the manufacturing of your products.

If you’re interested in seeing a preview of the ShareAspace cloud offering and learn about the initial scope, please contact to book a demo.

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