Engineering master data comprises a highly complex and critical subset of master data generated and consumed across the enterprise and its many disciplines. In most enterprises such data is created and managed in a variety of systems that are highly specialized and dedicated to specific roles and tasks. Eurostep designed ShareAspace InControl to make engineering master data available in a consistent and accurate way. It is crucial in digital business to ensure the continuity of the end to end digital process, to enable re-use of data and to have trust in the data.

A hub based MDM system

ShareAspace InControl is a hub designed to integrate with any data source. This includes software for managing requirements, systems engineering, design, manufacturing, field service, support and more.

Integration & interaction

ShareAspace InControl comes with an open API for integration with any application. ShareAspace can easily be integrated within a service oriented architecture. Features like advanced querying, notifications and event triggers are used for interaction including BI and analytics.

Flexible and scalable

InControl allows for an MDM approach that evolves with business needs and maturity. Data can be authored in the source application and/or the hub based on “ownership” and “mastership” of data.

Information quality

At the data layer in the hub the semantics are enforced by the underlying standards based model. At the business and application layer quality and semantics are managed via a powerful configuration engine allowing for management of business objects without compromising the underlying data model.


ShareAspace InControl includes functionality out of the box to manage changes and traceability across multiple systems in a heterogeneous landscape. KPIs and data quality metrics are supported.

Standards based & neutral

ShareAspace InControl is based on the international standards STEP and PLCS used to share engineering data across a product’s life cycle. ShareAspace InControl is neutral and as such plays the role of bridging between domains to insure you control your product data.

Implement in steps

With InControl it is possible to start with a limited scope addressing the most urgent needs and grow. The standards based data model, along with state of the art technology based on the Microsoft platform, makes it easy to scale the solution.

Based on ShareAspace

InControl builds on the ShareAspace Nova platform. A key feature of ShareAspace Nova is that it allows data to be mastered in the hub or within the respective software applications. InControl delivers MDM for enterprises and collaborations using diverse systems including PDM, PLM, ERP, MRO and ILS.