Secure PLM Collaboration for Business – based on ShareAspace

The design and manufacturing of a product involves collaboration and information sharing both externally across an extended enterprise, with suppliers, partners, manufacturers, customers and internally across different departments and disciplines. ShareAspace InReach supports these different types of business collaborations by offering an easy to use data sharing platform.

Documents, parts & more

A professional collaboration tool needs to manage fine grained product data as well as documents. Whilst the amount of fine grained data is increasing we still use a lot of documents. This superior support for both paradigms in InReach makes it possible to start with managing documents and move towards more detailed product data from requirements through to in service data

Manage project progress

ShareAspace InReach is a task driven user interface that gets the job done. Assign tasks to your participants and monitor how the project progresses, not only through the process but also through the maturity of your information.

Based on ShareAspace

InReach builds on all the ShareAspace features. It extends rather than replaces systems like PDM, PLM and ERP. It replaces costly and time consuming manual collaboration processes and systems not fit for PLM collaboration like Excel, Notes and many of the file sharing applications.

Low entry barrier

InReach can be delivered with a perpetual or subscription license on premise or as a cloud based service. Start with one of the collaboration scenarios provided in the product and configure it to your individual needs without any additional programing effort.


Collaboration in the extended enterprise requires protection of Intellectual Property and adherence to export controls. InReach uses the security features in ShareAspace to ensure that sharing data with partners and suppliers is done a secure and controlled way.

Rapid deployment

As the need for collaboration arises, the solution should be rapidly available. The out-of-the-box (OOTB) approach in InReach, with ready-made collaboration scenarios, ensures that InReach solutions are deployed quickly.

Scalable solution

A collaboration project can be any size. Large projects might start small. InReach scales with business needs in terms of technology and pricing with return on investments in focus.