ShareAspace for the Achitecture, Engineering, Construction and Plant industry

Eurostep has been active with ShareAspace based solutions in the AEC and Plant industry for more than 15 years. The role of ShareAspace is as collaboration hub primarily in the extended enterprise which its common multi-company setup in the design, build and maintenance phases of AEC and Plant. The AEC and Plant industry has for many years been project-based with many actors involved and documents including drawings as the media carrying information. There has also been a clear cut after the handover and commissioning of construction and plant, typically resulting in very limited re-use of data from design and construction into operations, maintenance and facility management.

ShareAspace plays a role as the collaboration hub enabling sharing of data as well as documents between business partners. ShareAspace also adds the rich information model enabling a system of systems approach as well as life cycle management of data. The integration and consolidation of data from multiple sources are possible with data in standard formats like IFC or STEP but also be interfacing via open APIs and open file formats.

Key challenges we address in the AEC and Plant industry:

  • Buildings, infrastructure and plants have a long life-time and digital data need to be managed with this in mind as it lives longer than IT hardware and software.
  • Capital intensive assets are designed, built and maintained in collaboration between several organisations. Data must be shared and made available across different IT systems to allow for optimal performance in the complete value chain.
  • Actors in AEC and Plant need to share data across organisation borders to optimize availability of the asset and to reach optimal life cycle profit for the plant.
  • AEC and Plant many times work with one-off design assets. A certain level of industrial standardisation is required for cost control initially and through life.
  • Intellectual property (IP) must be managed to build and maintain trust.

Benefits of ShareAspace:

  • ShareAspace is based on a rich data model allowing for a true digital transfer or sharing of all data relevant for AEC and Plant objects.
  • The standard-based model and open APIs of ShareAspace allows for data exchange and sharing with no vendor lock-in and flexibility in partnerships.
  • ShareAspace is based on the PLCS standards with its excellent support of through-life information management. ShareAspace adds needed life cycle support to the snapshot exchanges of digital data that the AEC and Plant collaboration projects are based on today.
  • ShareAspace is designed to deal with fine-grained digital twin/digital thread data but it can also manage large volumes of documents and other unstructured data with its powerful search capabilities

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