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Neither the first, nor the latter: ShareAspace integrates data from all of these systems. ShareAspace adds value to existing systems like PDM/PLM/ERP/MRO/ILS. Current systems remain in place but at the same time data is consolidated and mapped as well as easily available for authorized business partners.

ShareAspace provides a neutral, standards-based repository for shared product information, and a hub for connecting multiple information sources of collaborating partners.

ShareAspace implements a rich object schema, based on STEP AP239 (PDMschema and PLCS) and STEP AP242. This provides a rich reference framework. ShareAspace enables consistent change management, quality control and analysis on product data.

ShareAspace implements a fixed object schema making it a “pure” data sharing mechanism that is independent of, and not encumbered by, the business processes used at the partners, and so can provide rapid and unambiguous exchange between systems with different business logic. An out of the box solution that is easy to set up enables business agility.

ShareAspace delivers data consolidation. This enables incremental changes to product lifecycle configuration data to be quickly captured from authoring systems, integrated into the shared total product definition and published, supporting multiple views.

ShareAspace maps data into STEP and PLCS. Any data put into ShareAspace will be mapped to STEP and PLCS and this is an attractive way to “get to STEP and PLCS” instead of upgrading in-house legacy systems.

ShareAspace is a data sharing “hub” that provides a lower-cost alternative to costly maintenance of direct interfaces between multiple PDM/PLM/ILS/ERP systems. It delivers business agility.

ShareAspace is a shared repository for long-life product data that will endure (because of the standards-based schema) for the lifetime of the project/product, while collaborating partners, and their information systems, may change.

Yes, ShareAspace is a Master Data Manager, integrating and providing control for product data that is spread across engineering domains and organizational borders via the concept of “origins”. ShareAspace lets the source systems act as master systems in their own domain while ShareAspace provides the consolidation and shared data space. ShareAspace InControl is the product to use for MDM.

ShareAspace is ideal for integrating IT environments with a mix of processes and systems. Since ShareAspace acts as an information hub it is suited to manage cross domain and/or cross organizational information. It can be used for tying together systems engineering information e.g. requirements with traditional PDM data. ShareAspace can link Design and PDM data with product support information for applications such as fleet management and condition based maintenance. Of course this can all be done also across multiple organizations in a collaboration/joint venture etc.

ShareAspace has the richest data model of all PLM systems, based on STEP and PLCS. Stages are from early requirements gathering through design and manufacturing into operational use and decommissioning.

The openness of ShareAspace with its base in the STEP PLCS open PLM standards is attractive to many organizations. These organizations are looking for solutions that enable them to securely exchange and share product data between different product data domains and disciplines in business networks. Typical clients are in areas such as Global Engineering Change Management and in Product Support including Fleet Management. There is also a significant interest from Systems Engineering and Building Information Management (BIM), where the needs to share data in a secure and cost efficient way are similar. Industries are high value assets like Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Energy, HighTech/Electronics, AEC including Transport Infrastructure.

The advanced security and role mechanisms in ShareAspace can be set up for ITAR scenarios. This is achieved through the high emphasis on information ownership applied to all information managed, enabling fine grained and autonomous access and security set up. The architecture allows for adding security solutions from 3rd parties.

ShareAspace runs on premise or as a cloud service. Regular web-browsers are used for access to ShareAspace.

ShareAspace supports Ad-Hoc change processes as well as more formal ones. Process engines such as SharePoint, BizTalk, WebSphere, etc can be used for process orchestration.

ShareAspace is designed as an intercompany information hub by its architecture. The information management and storage is based on the open ISO STEP and PLCS standards. This brings a stable, open and neutral information management with fine granularity and explicit management of all product data. The solution becomes non-proprietary with possibilities to apply it to any PLM context. It is standards based with long term archiving as yet another application supported.

Ease of integration is one of the key features of ShareAspace. Information is transferred in and out from ShareAspace through file based exchange or web services. ShareAspace accepts almost any type of information and will manage it according to information standards such as STEP and PLCS. This means you can import legacy formats like csv, xml, etc. into ShareAspace and then export it according to international standards.

When defining the information change process, ShareAspace is using “change triggers”. These typically already exist such as the release of a change notice. The change information itself is propagated either through file transfer or web services. In cases where a changing system is not capable of sending a change trigger a complete set of data can be sent to ShareAspace which then applies its consolidation rule engine in order to build a synchronized data set. This operation also highlights all changes that have occurred to the information.

ShareAspace is based on the neutral STEP and PLCS standards making it independent of any specific CAD or PDM system. Thanks to its core, information integration is easy.

Does all data in ShareAspace have to be STEP based? No, not at all. ShareAspace can manage whatever data or files, fine grained and documents. The data structure is based on STEP and PLCS but any files can be managed with this concept.

ShareAspace can use viewers like JT, Spinfire and many others thanks to the open architecture of ShareAspace.

ShareAspace is unique in supporting any kind of structures, requirements structures, E-BOMs and M-BOMs etc. ShareAspace provides integration and overlay between those so that integrated configuration management, analysis, etc can be applied across domains. By adopting the STEP and PLCS standards