Knowledge Transfer

Many, if not all, of today´s manufacturing industries are characterized by an ever-increasing pressure to not only reduce cost and lead times but also to incorporate more and more complex technology to support new requirements on digitalization whilst complying with regulations. Joint Ventures and other types of partnerships are seen by many companies as a mean to address some of these challenges.

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Even though these partnerships may come in different shapes and forms, the sharing of knowledge, experience and information around engineering data is often a recurring requirement. In its simplest form, a one-way process to make certain information available. What at first may appear to be a simple process turns out to require a considerable amount of thought and effort to be realized due to technical, security related or business constraints.

The Knowledge Transfer template, built on ShareAspace InReach, is aimed to address these issues and make sure the sharing of data, information and ultimately, the transfer of knowledge is done in a smooth yet controlled and secure way.