The Vision and Mission of Eurostep and why we are pleased to be a partner to Microsoft

A few weeks after Microsoft Inspire 2020, I am happy to map the Eurostep view of the world in regard to Satya Nadella’s presentation. It is very satisfying to share so much in common and have this as the foundation for a partnership that has lasted for about 15 years now and continues growing stronger every year.
Defense offset deals

Revisited: Defense Offsets – From ‘contractual burden’ to competitive weapon

To make sure that the potential for IP transfer and industrial collaboration is realised, offset deals can use a “multiplier” to put emphasis on the technology transfer share. Such arrangements are a way to meet the offset quota but it also reflects the desire from the buying country to build up certain knowledge.

Eurostep Company update 2/2 – May 2020

Going into 2020 we had decided to make a major investment in packaging end-user products, and we are...

Eurostep company update 1/2 – May 2020

We all get similar questions these days so here is an update from Eurostep, sharing with you what we share with our employees.
Good things take time with cloud PLM solutions

Why launching late could be perfect timing for a cloud PLM service

PLM is late in moving to the cloud. Gartner and many others…

Eurostep is running a webinar on Export Control and ITAR December 10

Concerned about Export Control and ITAR? If you are holding…