Black & Rossi joins with Eurostep Limited to develop innovative maintenance and repair data exchange system for commercial, public and private use

THE WOODLANDS, TX – April 30, 2010 -Black & Rossi, a leading military logistics and technology consulting firm based in The Woodlands, TX, has entered into a contractual agreement with Eurostep Limited to develop a PLCS (Product Life Cycle Support) Data Exchange Specification (DEX) for maintenance and repair in commercial, public and private venues.

“We are pleased to partner with Eurostep Limited for the development of this DEX system that can potentially revolutionize maintenance and repair for businesses and consumers,” said Bill Black, Founder and President of Black & Rossi. “The goal of the effort is to capture technical data and format it so maintenance and repair professionals can analyze it using a common methodology and respond faster, more effectively and at lower costs.”

Nigel Shaw, Managing Director of Eurostep Limited, sees the work as a logical extension of the company’s expertise in PLCS data exchange. “A prerequisite for efficient product data management is a coherent information environment in which the necessary data are available to all participants,” he said. “The work we are doing for Black & Rossi will harness that power of data-sharing for the ultimate benefit of all maintenance and repair stakeholders.”