ShareAspace for the Manufacturing industry

Ever since Eurostep’s foundation we have been involved in helping companies in the Manufacturing Industry. Eurostep, as a company, has gained its competency and reputation over the years by contributing with our knowledge in various sized projects for big Automotive, Aerospace and Power generation companies all over the world. Eurostep was also chosen as one of the main technology providers for the Resource Conservative Manufacturing project, co-funded by the European Commission.

The Manufacturing Industry is, of course, a very a broad term but we’ve learned that our customers value Eurostep’s way of generalizing, benchmarking and capturing best practices from one domain and transferring it to another as long as it relates to product data collaboration within design and manufacturing.

Eurostep’s ready-made solution for sharing product and production information in the manufacturing industry supply chain, Design to Manufacturing, is available both as a cloud-based SaaS application and as an on-premise installation. Design to Manufacturing is a pre-configured solution based on Eurostep’s product data collaboration platform, ShareAspace.

Key challenges we address in the industry:

  • Product and production information is highly valuable and must be protected.
  • Successful manufacturing companies employ an agile network of suppliers.
  • The IT-landscape in the manufacturing industry is highly heterogenous.

Benefits of ShareAspace:

  • Sharing of product data across company borders in an easy, yet secure way.
  • Standards-based communication to allow flexibility.
  • Keep a full track record of all actions on your data.

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