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Eurostep has for almost 30 years developed expertise in product data collaboration within and across important engineering domains. Eurostep's unique know-how is derived from our technical understanding of internal and external IT systems integration between PDM, PLM, ERP, ILS and MRO.

Visibility. Quality. Security.

Service deliverables from us are driven by the concept of openness and the notion that systems should be designed to deliver business flexibility with the relevant level of security. Eurostep services are based on our world-class knowledge of engineering standards as well as their implementation in business-critical systems.

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Eurostep has leading expertise in collaboration across enterprise borders where security and IP protection is critical. Our experience and best practice in data integration include improving your data quality and consolidating domain information. We enable information sharing to be easy, under control and fully traceable for shorter lead times and lower costs.

Delivering excellence with:

Over the years, Eurostep has developed extensive knowledge about collaboration across domains and across enterprises. This allows us to analyze and benchmark our customers to best practices. The result is delivered as workshops and reports.

Your project is in product development, design to production or in-service and includes installed base and systems as-maintained? - If you have identified benefits with a collaboration project and want to make sure this is managed in a professional and efficient way, consider getting a collaboration capabilities roadmap. Services could include:

  1. Documentation of current situation and challenges
  2. Evaluation against industry best practice
  3. Suggested collaboration roadmap

Entering into a contract with specific requirements on the delivery of product information? - With an INA study, we will make sure that you fulfil all contract requirements and that you do it in the most efficient way. This INA study includes:

  1. Review of the current situation as well as contractual requirements
  2. Evaluation against industry best practice
  3. Suggested roadmap

Looking for a solution to support a specific collaboration scenario with the best industry practices? - Together with your project team, we conduct a proof of concept (POC) demonstrating how ShareAspace can be implemented to improve your collaboration process. The POC collects user input based on a real case scenario and is designed with use case-relevant data. A POC ensures that all parties have a common understanding of the business challenge and potential solution. Typically, the POC is input to a full-scale implementation project or a refined request for proposal (RFP).

Looking to obtain a consolidated view of information that is stored in different internal systems? - Eurostep's methodology will help you how to design the overall system, how to define systems of origin, how to manage configurations and how to implement the distributed PLM MDM solution.


Looking to implement a ShareAspace-based solution on-prem or in the cloud? - Eurostep supports its implementation from initial requirements gathering to a complete system in production. The service can also include training and governance of solutions to align with your business goals in a sustainable way.


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