ShareAspace iAIM

Closing the gap between Project Information Management & Asset Information Management

Lifecycle Asset Information Management for Digital Twins and the Digital Thread

ShareAspace iAIM solves the problem of sharing asset data between disciplines in the AEC and Plant industry and is compliant with the most important data and process standards.

The concepts of Digital Twins and Thread are not well supported by IT vendors today in AEC and Plant. Either they focus on the construction or project phase with Project Information Management (PIM) or they do Asset Management. Some team data management is in use but primarily targeting a single process. Concepts like Common Data Environment are used but they are typically limited to PIM.

On the other hand, the software vendors in Asset Management are focusing on that part of the lifecycle and not the PIM part. This results in issues with data handover from PIM to AIM, and a lack of possibilities to update the Digital Twins with real-time data and observations. Current solutions are designed with certain processes in mind and not from the viewpoint that the information itself is a key asset and needs to be managed as such.

As a recognized leader in Product Lifecycle Information Management, Eurostep have identified the shortcomings in AEC and Plant information management and have released ShareAspace iAIM to address these issues.

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Benefits of ShareAspace iAIM

Here are some of the ways ShareAspace iAIM can help you manage your data.

  • Reach BIM level 3 and beyond

  • Use best-of-breed software to manage common data for sharing and re-use.
  • Connect the different Common Data Environments for a consolidated view of your digital twin.
  • Navigate the asset information in many ways, supporting data-driven processes.
  • Provide access to all stakeholders of a project to correct and timely information for fast and precise incident response.
  • Secure information quality over an asset's lifecycle.
  • Allowing external organisations to access data based on data ownership and access rules.
Reach BIM level 3 and beyond with ShareAspace iAIM
Reduce costs by improving your operation and maintenance efficiency with ShareAspace iAIM
  • Reduce costs by improving your operation and maintenance efficiency

  • Identify potential cost-saving opportunities by getting powerful insight into your historical asset usage and maintenance.
  • Conduct impact analysis, risk analysis and project planning re-using existing data.
  • Integrate your IoT systems in ShareAspace iAIM and get the where, why and how context of your sensor data.
  • Connecting physical objects of an asset with their part product catalogue.
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ShareAspace iAIM Features

  • Supporting a consolidation of design, construction, operation and maintenance stages for AEC & Plant assets.
  • Providing total traceability from the requirement stage of a project to verified realisation by implementing PLCS and ISO 55000 standards for process asset management.
  • Using ISO/IEC 81346 based on PLCS for the breakdown of assets.
  • Enabling interoperability by supporting the most used data exchange standards including IFC, BCF, CFIHOS, DEXPI, and STEP AP242.
  • Connecting geospatial data with building spatial elements for linear assets.
  • ShareAspace iAIM stores the information in a graph database, enabling powerful BI analytics.

"CIMdata is pleased to see Eurostep’s commitment to this market and we believe Eurostep can deliver such a solution successfully in a manner that can deliver significant value. Eurostep and their software ShareAspace have been helping aerospace & defence, machinery, and automotive companies address and solve collaboration challenges across their value chains for more than two decades. As a result, Eurostep is well-positioned to take advantage of its experience and apply it to the AEC and Plant industry."

– Peter A. Bilello, President & CEO at CIMdata, Inc.

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