Eurostep Training offers open as well as customized trainings in PLCS, STEP, PLM and related areas.

Standards play an important role in bringing consistency and interoperability to information exchanges. The PLCS standard is the only standard to address the requirements of product support throughout the complete product life cycle, from concept to disposal. Where adopted it provides data independence in relation to processes, systems and formats.

PLCS extends the ISO 10303 STEP standard from the design and manufacturing domains into the product support domain. This is critical for owners, operators and maintainers of complex products whose configuration changes over its life cycle. The ability to effectively manage legacy information is a major concern for operators of complex products with a long life cycle.

Eurostep helped develop the PLCS standard. We are proud to train experts in implementing the standard and reaping the benefits from using it.

Eurostep offers the trainings presented below. For information about the training or requests for customized trainings, please contact us.

Demonstration of Infrastructure for Digitalization Enabling Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing (DIDAM)

DiDAM brings together leading industrial case representatives, digital environment providers, a research institute and a university that represent actors in a complex value chain and provide a representative “ecosystem” to demonstrate digital aspects of industrialization of AM. The plan is to demonstrate the state of the art solutions enabling Traceability (Digital Thread) or material, product and processes, connecting in-process and through life data to digital models (Digital Twins).

This project is supported by Produktion2030 and Vinnova

Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS) standard

PLCS: Executive Overview, 1 day

This 1-day training is an executive overview of the business issues and a roadmap for exploiting PLCS. Everyone with an interest in PLCS is welcome, but the Executive Overview is especially recommended to project and business managers.

PLCS: Technical Walk-Through, 2 days

The training presents the background to PLCS and explains the concept. The focus of the last two days is on an in-depth technical description of the information model and guidance for its implementation, which prepares the participants for exploiting and putting PLCS into effect.

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Introduction to PLM, 1 day

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) originated from the need for Product Data Management (PDM) and CAD/CAM solutions. PLM has grown since then to include concept- and requirement management to the recycling of a product.

PLM is about sharing your information within and between organizations spanning over the product’s whole life cycle.

PLM is also about all the knowledge and processes needed to develop, deliver and maintain the product. A specific focus area is the life cycle cost i.e. the cost-to-benefit ratio over the product’s life cycle.

The course answers questions like what PLM solutions are available and how to choose which PLM solution benefits your needs the most. To answer these questions the course begins with basic PLM concepts and the value of implementing these. Value could be increased efficiency, reduced costs or a faster rate of innovation, all factors improving competitiveness.

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Introduction to ShareAspace, 1 day

This course introduces you to ShareAspace. From an overview of basic concepts and objects and drills down into the most important ones. The course includes some exercises to put the theory into practice.

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