Eurostep’s Chair of Technical Fellows, Nigel Shaw presenting at PI DX Spotlight “PLM Integration” Description - "PLM and Product Data Integration Across The Life Cycle and Across the Supply Chain."
Presentation of a test bed for the IDBE group of OGC and buildingSMART
BIM level 3 has been described by some as the construction industry’s ultimate goal. With BIM level 3, there is complete and total collaboration in the planning, construction and operational ...
PI PLMX 2019
BAE Systems at PI PLMX London 2019
A Flagship Data Integration Project in Support of the Royal Navy’s New Carriers. Presentation by Roger Hobley, Technology Development Manager – Maritime Services IS&S BAE Systems Surface Ships
PI PLMX 2018
SAAB Kockums at PI PLMX Hamburg 2018
Data and Information in Focus. Business Benefits and Promises with a Model Based Engineering Environment. Presentation by Torbjörn pettersson, IT Director and Mats Nilsson, Head of Technical Information
PI PLMX 2017
Presentation by Eric Delaporte, Groupe Renault at PI Congress Berlin 2017
Description Eric Delaporte presents PLM at Renault Group and what areas they address for improvement. Besides covering the PLM landscape of Renault Group as it was early 2017 this video ...
PI PLMX 2014
Presentation by Kristofer Thoresson, Siemens Energy at PI Congress Berlin 2014
Description In this video Kristofer Thoresson from Siemens Energy presents some aspects of the internal IT use at Siemens in Finspong. He outlines some issues with modern supplier collaboration and ...
PI PLMX 2015
Presentation by Trond Zimmerman, Volvo Group at PI Congress Dusseldorf 2015
Description Volvo Group is a large group in transportation with several brands. In addition to this they have several partnerships and joint ventures. In this video Trond Zimmerman elaborates on ...
PI PLMX 2016
Presentation by Irene Gustavsson, Volvo Cars at PI Congress Munich 2016
Description In this video Irene Gustavsson presents the history of Volvo Cars and some PLM lessons learned. She outlines some issues in extending PLM to partners and the approach to ...