Game changing product data collaboration

Eurostep provides innovative software and solutions for secure product life cycle management (PLM) collaboration with ShareAspace. The award winning software supports secure collaboration across enterprises and across engineering domains. Based on the STEP/PLCS standard, ShareAspace is also the ideal software to manage enterprise assets during the life cycle (EAM) as well as master data (MDM) in engineering domains.

With ShareAspace you get business flexibility by breaking out of vendor and system lock in of information. Benefits are improved speed of business at lower cost and higher quality.

ShareAspace adds power to the existing IS/IT landscape and lets collaboration partners keep existing systems or processes. This makes ShareAspace easy to implement and deploy. It runs on Microsoft technology with low cost of ownership. Microsoft technology and infrastructure components deliver superior CIO and end user value.

Eurostep and its business partners complement the ShareAspace product suite with specialized services to ensure expectations are met and exceeded.


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