ShareAspace for the Defence Industry

Eurostep has delivered ShareAspace based solutions to the defence industry for more than 20 years. The solutions are primarily used to support the collaboration between MODs and industry as they need to share product and systems information across enterprise borders. ShareAspace is also deployed at both MOD’s and defence suppliers for internal collaboration and cross-discipline configuration management. As ShareAspace is based on the ISO 10303 PLCS standard the software enables the digital transformation of the defence industry.

ShareAspace Export Control is a packaged solution for the defence industry. It enables the sharing of information subject to export control regulations, such as ITAR, in global value chains. Encouraging best practices in the management of export control data and maintains the records that export control authorities require.

Key challenges we address in the industry:

  • Defence systems like aircraft, ships and vehicles have a long life-cycle that will outlive several generations of IT hardware and software. Consequently, this needs to be accounted for in the management of the product’s digital data.
  • Major systems are designed, built and maintained in collaboration between several organisations. Data must be shared and made available across different IT systems to allow for optimal performance in the complete value chain, whilst protecting the Intellectual Property inherent in the product data.
  • Defence industry and MODs need to share data across organisation borders to optimize the availability of defence systems including spare parts management.
  • Product and systems data for defence systems are typically subject to regulations when it comes to access. Digital data simplifies sharing but also increase the risk of breach of regulations.

Benefits of ShareAspace:

  • ShareAspace is based on a rich data model allowing for a true digital transfer or sharing of all data relevant for a defence product and system.
  • The standard-based model and open APIs of ShareAspace allows for data exchange and sharing with no vendor lock-in.
  • Data access and security have always been key features of ShareAspace and ShareAspace Export Control takes this to the next level with its management and auditing of licensed data.

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