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ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing is available both as an on-prem and a SaaS solution that let you connect your existing data, prepare it for sharing if necessary and then share with the companies that you invite into your ‘space’. Designing and manufacturing a product requires collaboration and information sharing between suppliers, partners and manufacturers, as well as internally across different departments and disciplines. Global value chains increasingly need to share intellectual property at an ever-faster pace.

ShareAspace is the perfect tool for quality managers, strategic purchasing or collaboration managers that have the responsibility to streamline contract manufacturing processes but also need to ensure intellectual property protection of the company.

Demo webinar

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Manage your contract manufacturing data on ShareAspace cloud

Share, control and track your product data, BOMs, design specification, 3D models, drawings, change notices, purchase orders and more for your contract manufacturing in ShareAspace cloud.

Share data with multiple suppliers and partners

Collect all information required by a single supplier into one Work package. Share this information with your supplier by a simple click of a button. As soon as you are done you can as easily recall access to your information.

  • Share the exact data that you want to share and no more
  • A streamlined process for data sharing to multiple partners

Manage change affecting all or some suppliers

With every project comes change. Managing the changes is what makes you stay in control of your project. With ShareAspace you can identify and track all introduced changes and the impact they will have on your project.

  • Raise issues and problems within your project
  • Manage changes based on your problem reports
  • Track the impact of changes across the project
  • Keep a record of the changes over time

Structure data in Bill-of-Materials

Structuring information such as parts and products into hierarchical structures or BOMs is an integral feature of today’s product data management systems. ShareAspace is no exception. You can create BOMs either through the user interface, via the REST APIs, or just by importing them from other PDM systems mastering this kind of information.

  • Mixed BOMs
  • Instance information
  • Effectivity
  • “Where used” queries

Preview documents and 3D files within the collaboration hub

ShareAspace comes with full support for managing documents and files. This includes all the metadata that comes with a document, as well as the versioning of documents and the ability to control individual user access to a document with an access audit trail. Load 3D data from internal CAD and/or PDM systems. With ShareAspace fine granular security features you can keep native CAD files internal and only share lightweight formats like JT, STEP or similar.

  • Version management
  • File preview including all 3D CAD file formats
  • Convert 3D monolithic files into complete BOM
  • Review, measure, comment and redline on parts and assemblies


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