Demonstration of Infrastructure for Digitalization Enabling Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing (DIDAM)

DiDAM brings together leading industrial case representatives, digital environment providers, a research institute and a university that represent actors in a complex value chain and provide a representative “ecosystem” to demonstrate digital aspects of industrialization of AM. The plan is to demonstrate the state of the art solutions enabling Traceability (Digital Thread) or material, product and processes, connecting in-process and through life data to digital models (Digital Twins).

This project is supported by Produktion2030 and Vinnova.

DIDAM - Episode 1

In this episode, we talk about Product Data Management (PDM) and its evolution.

DIDAM - Episode 2

In this episode, we talk about Product life cycle management (PLM) and clarify how it is different from product data management (PDM).

DIDAM - Episode 3

In this episode, we go through product life cycle support (PLCS) standard and explain how it can support creating Digital Threads.

DIDAM - Episode 4

In this episode, we explain our understanding of Digital Twin, its relation to Digital Thread and how our product ShareAspace, which is based on the PLCS standard, can support creating Digital Twins.

DIDAM - Episode 5

In this episode, we present five different business scenarios which are identified for Additive Manufacturing (AM) use cases.

DIDAM - Episode 6

In this episode, we present technical scenarios which are identified for Additive Manufacturing (AM) use cases. We also explain how ISO 23247 (Digital Twin manufacturing framework) and our product ShareAspace could support these scenarios.

ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing

ShareAspace D2M Intro - Part 1

A short presentation of how ShareAspace could be used as a collaboration hub between different partners.

ShareAspace D2M Intro - Part 2

A short presentation of ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing user interface, 3D viewer files and supported import file formats.