Cloud is going to play a major role in CAD, PLM, Supply Chains and SME Digital Transformation; the “if” and “when” are gone.

Last week PTC announced the acquisition of OnShape, a deal of 470 MUSD. These kind of deals always get a lot of attention. But the move by PTC is not about money and buying a competitor, it is a serious step toward cloud based solutions.  This also means the democratization of PLM as SaaS is great for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). To learn more, please read here what Jim Brown from Tech-Clarity wrote a few days ago.

On a smaller scale, Eurostep also made a bold move last week when launching ShareAspace as cloud service SaaS. Since last week, we deliver ShareAspace capabilities also to SMEs and into niche processes in larger companies. Until last week ShareAspace has typically been offered to larger enterprises including big OEMs, and similar to what PTC claims, our on-prem business will continue to grow. By adding cloud to our portfolio we are reaching companies that we couldn’t reach before. The companies that signed up for the ShareAspace Cloud launch webinar October 22 are interested in the new opportunities that cloud brings for the Digital Transformation of SMEs.

Analysts love to write about PLM and cloud stuff. They have for many years but with very little traction in real life. Cloud is now serious business. All the attempts to sell PLM, email replacements in the supply chain, and Digital Transformation in SMEs, pre-cloud, have failed because PLM was designed for the large OEMs. Not anymore. The first user of ShareAspace Cloud is a very small company in Sweden, Weda AB, making industrial grade pool cleaners. They are less than 10 people, with no PLM expertise and would not have been able to use our solutions without a SaaS offering.

November 12-15 Eurostep will participate in a fair targeting suppliers to explore more opportunities with SMEs, Elmia Subcontractor, which we are very much looking forward to attend!

You can still watch the ShareAspace cloud launch webinar click here.
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Wishing you all a great future in the cloud!