EGIS goes live with ShareAspace for major construction project

Eurostep is proud to announce that ShareAspace is now operational with EGIS for the management of “interfaces” allowing for better planning and use of resources in infrastructure construction projects. Initial use is for a tram project in Birmingham, UK.

EGIS with its 13,600 people are dedicated to supporting energy, ecology, digital and territorial transition to shape tomorrow’s world.

Large infrastructure projects consist of many subsystems which need to be integrated with other subsystems and consolidated into the final delivery. Within a project this synchronization is key to deliver the expected result in time and on budget. Any clash and lead time extension have a negative impact on work plans and comes with a cost and delays.

INMASYST©, based on the Eurostep’s software ShareAspace, is used to enable Interface Managers to support the collaborative process between all the stakeholders in the design phase and building phase. The use of ShareAspace makes it possible to share all the required information from documents to requirements and reference data. It gives the project a solution to assign tasks and to trace the progress till the closing.

“We are proud about being able to support a leading and global actor like EGIS, says Håkan Kårdén, Director Marketing at Eurostep. The collaborative approach of ShareAspace is well suited for this generic type of problems in the construction domain. It was also great to see that we could implement the solution with minimal customization as customization typically drives cost over time, ends Mr Kårdén.

About Eurostep Group:
Eurostep delivers software and services for product lifecycle collaboration with a particular focus on the exchange and sharing of data within and between enterprises. Eurostep’s flagship product, ShareAspace and its end user products, is software that supports secure collaboration across the life cycle of products. ShareAspace is based on ISO standards such as STEP AP242 and PLCS. Services range from pre-studies to the implementation and support of systems. Eurostep has subsidiaries in Sweden, the UK, France, Finland, Germany and the US and has blue-chip customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, high tech, and AEC.

For more information please contact Håkan Kårdén, Marketing Director Eurostep Group, Sweden
Direct: +46 (0)8 4101 3150,

Christophe Castaing , Director of system engineering program EGIS SA, France
Direct: +33 (0)6 80484272,
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