Eurostep announce support for STEP AP242

For more than 10 years, Eurostep has been deploying standards into production with Share-A-space.

More recently Eurostep has been actively involved in harmonizing AP239 (PLCS) and AP242. Share-A-space is today based on AP203, AP214, AP233 and AP239 so including AP242 is a natural step. Share-A-space already today supports much that fits with the scope of AP242 and more will be provided during this and coming years. User uptake of AP242 will guide this development.

In addition to AP242, Share-A-space provides configuration management capabilities in the extended enterprise for CAD files in formats like Native, JT, PDF and other formats. Share-A-space supports the complete lifecycle of a product, including also Systems Engineering, Modeling & Simulation, Product Support, ILS and Aftermarket.

Real uptake of the standards for collaboration requires security, IP protection, data consolidation, fit with ESBs, and ease of implementation and use. Eurostep will continue to bring this to the market with Share-A-space for Standards based Secure PLM Collaboration.