March 4 1994 was the date the first Eurostep company was established in Sweden. We are going to get the whole group together later this month to celebrate. Our initial vision concerned open systems and 25 years later the problem of data silos is still very much a reality. We remain in the business of freeing information from lock-in and making it available across applications, businesses and domains. Today we have far greater capability in ShareAspace to deliver solutions.

As part of the celebrations we will go over the history of key decisions, projects and happenings. We will of course also look back to when we started with ShareAspace with AP214 in mind and how we now build on PLCS (AP239) and AP242. Part of our history is the involvement with standards development and our committment to use standards to deliver business value.

We have worked on some really interesting projects with some great customers.
Thanks to all great people we have had the pleasure to interact with over all these years.

We built this together!