Eurostep is running a webinar on Export Control and ITAR December 10

Concerned about Export Control and ITAR? If you are holding any data subject to Export Control and ITAR regulations you probably have reason to be concerned.

  • Are you managing data that is subject to Export Control regulations and are you concerned about the high cost to your business if the regulations are violated?
  • Do you need a controlled, auditable way of receiving data subject to export control regulations?
  • Do you need to share export controlled data with your subcontractors and suppliers?
  • Are you concerned that your employees might accidentally access and distribute export controlled data? 

If any or all of the above is familiar, this is definitely the webinar for you as we will present a solution based on ShareAspace.

Many countries have regulations designed to protect their capabilities, both in commerce and defence. Generally these are known as Export Control Regulations. They are designed to stop both physical objects and related data, including software and design data, falling into “the wrong hands”, thereby protecting that country’s interests. A breach can result in significant penalty with the potential of long lasting negative impact for a business entity not acting correctly. What does this mean for data sharing? How can a COTS software like ShareAspace help?

With ShareAspace the collaboration hub already has fine-grained access control, given the basic requirement to support competing suppliers working with a single systems integrator. This access control is extended to include specific sub-organisations (those party to a given EC licence) or to consider the licences when determining access. Using ShareAspace as the collaboration hub has additional advantages when the ECR data concerning a specific element, such as a specialist component, is actually held across multiple IT systems (for example PLM, ERP and ILS). The hub provides consistent access control to a consolidated view of the data concerned. This is simpler for the user and simpler to administrate, including removal of access should it be required.

At this webinar Eurostep will present what ShareAspace Export Control is doing and its commercial availability.

To learn more and register for the webinar, click here.