Eurostep opens office in Linköping Sweden

Eurostep continues to grow and will by March 1, 2013 open an office in Linköping, Sweden.

“We continue to grow our business globally and in Sweden”, says Mattias Johansson, Managing Director, Eurostep AB. “Adding to already existing offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg we are pleased to open an office in Linköping. This allows us to be close to important customers and partners. We also know that there is a good skills base for future growth in Linköping within the sectors we focus on, including aerospace and defence”.

“2012 was a great year for Eurostep Sweden and we will continue our expansion in 2013 in all places (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping). We are looking to recruit system developers and consultants in the field of PLM and collaboration”, adds Mattias Johansson.

“As the first employee operating from the new office in Linköping we are pleased to welcome Anders Kölevik. Anders has a long experience of information solutions for PLM”, ends Mattias Johansson.