Eurostep has received an order from Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) to deliver next generation of the FREJ system, called MIMER. FREJ has for a long time been a master data system for products at Swedish Defence. With MIMER, a Share-A-space™/PLCS based
solution will replace the mainframe based system FREJ88. The MIMER system will have more than 1500 users, store more than 1.7 million products and will be integrated with more than 20 systems. One of the integration points will be the Swedish Armed Forces SAP™ (PRIO) system. Order value is 1.3 MEUR.

“This is one of the biggest orders we have received and acknowledge the power of the PLCS standard and Share-A-space™”, says Håkan Kårdén CEO Eurostep Group. “A replacement for FREJ88 has been discussed for a long time and we are proud to be selected for this very important task in modernizing the IT environment of FMV and significantly reducing cost of operations. This decision is in line with the FMV PLCS policy from 2005 as well as recent investments to establish PLCS ed2 as the standard for collaboration with industry around product data”, ends Håkan Kårdén.