Marc Halpern will present at PDT Europe 2011

Marc Halpern will present at PDT Europe 2011 under the topic:
Navigating the Landscape of Potentially Disruptive Manufacturing IT Trends

This presentation analyzes the impact of the top 10 emerging Information Technologies as identified by Gartner in terms of risks and opportunities for manufacturers.  We will provide opinions on the relevance of these technologies and the timelines for manufacturers to adopt them. Software as an integral part of manufactured products, delivering a growing percentage if a product’s differentiated value, has particular focus. We will explore the impact of these trends on best practices for developing and supporting  products, managing supply chains, and the implications for ongoing standards development.
Marc Halpern, P.E., Ph.D., is a research vice president in Gartner, Inc. where he is a lead analyst covering product life cycle management strategies and software applications for manufacturers. He focuses on design, engineering, product data management, manufacturing process planning and product portfolio management. In addition to studying and analysis technology and business trends, he works regularly with leading manufacturers on strategies and best practices for application architecture, software selection, implementation, and use of Information Technology for design, engineering, and related product lifecycle management activities.