Top 5 reasons why your PLM collaboration tool should be a Hub

Implementing PLM Collaboration using a Hub

In today’s globalized and digitalized society, efficient sharing of information is crucial for most organizations to run efficiently. This holds true regardless if the company is offering solutions or services. At the same time, social media services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat have rewritten the rules of social interaction for the younger generation, turning the sharing of personal information with friends and family into second nature.

Clearly these services were made with pictures of cats, meals and loved ones in mind, but what if
there was a similar service, specifically tailor made for the sharing of company data? Things like product definitions, the requirements for a specific market and the information required to create a product are usually highly sensitive and classified, but must still be shared in today’s business.

So, given the fact that the information should flow, regardless of how large or small companies are, the question we should be asking ourselves is…

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