What’s new in ShareAspace 1.7?

Eurostep has released this month the new 1.7 version of ShareAspace. This includes the following new features and capabilities.

Introduced Concepts:

  • Introduced in ShareAspace 1.7 are the concepts of applicability context, applicability, and applicability filtering.

While it has been possible to represent this information in the ShareAspace model before, all filtering logic has either been custom or basic client-side filtering. With the new application support introduced, ShareAspace will provide the applicability based filtering out-of-the-box. This allows you to have different configurations of your BOMs, breakdown structures, requirement structures etc. And have ShareAspace carry out the configuration based filtering for you.

In addition to this, we have also introduced server-side filtering for reference navigations out-of-the-box, greatly improving the ease of use and performance for these use cases.

  • The ability to create implicit “version to master” references.

In previous releases of ShareAspace, references have always been explicit between versions. One of the benefits of the implicit relations is that they not require copying of references to a new version from a previous version when versioning an object. This should simplify the ShareAspace usage experience for business scenarios where you only manage implicit relations.

  • Simpler and more powerful version-creation and -cloning capabilities.

User Interface:

  • General user interface style refresh
  • Simpler and more powerful ways of filtering versioned objects in the user interface
  • Extended capabilities in the structure browser allowing for the combination of object navigation and runtime queries
  • New context object module

A new configurable module has been introduced, called the “Context object module”. This module lets you keep the starting object for the module to stay in “context”. You will always have the possibility to see and work on the context object as well as working on any other object selected while navigating the information within this module.

To learn more about the new release or you would like to update your ShareAspace instance please get in touch with us at info@eurostep.com.