Saab Kockums presenting with Eurostep at PI PLMX Hamburg 2018, Feb 19-20

Eurostep is pleased to have Saab Kockums presenting at PI PLMX HAMBURG 2018. The title of the presentation is:
Business Benefits and Promises applying a Model Based Engineering environment with data and information in focus.

Session details:
Saab Kockums operate in a highly competitive business designing, manufacturing and supporting warships and submarines. What makes this business extra challenging is the duration of projects, the life time of products and the engineering complexity involved. By applying a standard based and open platform the company has taken several steps along the journey of PLM maturity with current implementation of a Standards Based Backbone Architecture and starting to explore opportunities with an Innovative Shared Information Environment. Saab Kockums is now looking into win-win business opportunities involving their customers in the extended Digital Thread and Digital Twin.