Seeking test/feedback users for a new PLM collaboration tool – please help us help you!

We are looking for test/feedback users for a dialogue around improved collaboration between manufacturing OEM companies and suppliers, in the process Build-to-Print. Your feedback and input are needed to validate our ideas on what a software service should do to make your supply chain work easier and more secure.

Our goal:
– To be “more PLM” and more secure than Dropbox and the likes.
– Easier and cheaper than Teamcenter/Enovia/Windchill.

Why: Eurostep is launching an easy to use cloud service in the fall of 2019 and we want it to be as good as possible. Your opinion matters to us.

When: End of May / early June 2019 for test of concept and features. Late August for test of complete service.

How: You attend a round table meeting organized by Eurostep or we have a session online for demonstrations and discussions. A minimum 2,5 hours of your time is needed.

What’s in it for you: You will be able to use this service at no cost for 6 months or you get a free ticket to a PDT event in USA or Europe in 2019/20. Or we can figure out something else.

Please register to show your interest in participating and we will shortly get back to you, to hopefully confirm you as one of our test heroes 😊