Share-A-space 7.3 released


April 19, 2012

For immediate publication.

Eurostep Announces Share-A-space® 7.3 with new security features

Share-A-space® 7.3 features detailed access to the information in Share-A-space® with an enhanced access rights engine that allows for specifying detailed access rights on each information object. Individual users in one organization can now be granted access to a single data item in a data set belonging to another organization. This will be used to support a user in a qualified role accessing information that needs to be traced just to this individual user, crucial when dealing with export control and ITAR restrictions.

To simplify the administration of users, Share-A-space® 7.3 utilizes claims based identity management over Windows Identity Foundation (WIF). This enhancement allows for integration with the identity management system of choice over Active Directory Federation Services 2 (ADFS2). Using WIF and ADFS2 enable identity re-use across domains supporting secure data sharing in the extended/virtual enterprise. Claims based identity management over WIF enables single sign on for ease of use and ease of systems administration.

“With the release of Share-A-space® 7.3 we continue to demonstrate our customer centric development process as well as our commitment to work close to Microsoft”, says Håkan Kårdén, CEO Eurostep Group. “Product data is one of the most valuable assets in organizations today. As technology allows for sharing of this information, security issues rapidly become a big concern and a potential show stopper. We see this in aerospace and defence but also in automotive, process industry, high tech, utilities etc. The original approach with Share-A-space® to add a shared data hub is a direct response to security issues. This is fundamentally the only way ahead taking into account the mix of security, agility and complexity of heterogeneous business networks, even more so over time. We are now adding features to this unique solution making it even more clear what Share-A-space® adds to typical in house systems from the PLM and ERP vendors, as well as from the mix of vendor delivering into the aftermarket/product support segment”, ends Mr. Kårdén.

“Security needs are everywhere in defence but also in many other industries”, says Wayne Phillips, Director, EMEA Public Safety and National Security, Microsoft. “So is collaboration around product information. It is great to see our partner Eurostep delivering a solution responding to collaboration with high security. There is no way back, we have to be able to
share and re-use data in the defence industry in order to deliver more for less. Share-A-space is proven technology with great references and this announcement is spot on. We at Microsoft look forward to continue playing a key role in the transformation of defence supporting re-invented supply chains, public private partnerships and coalitions. The partnership with Eurostep is all about this”, ends Mr. Phillips.

About Share-A-space®:
Share-A-space® is the premium software application for secure collaboration, supporting communities and collaboration inside enterprises as well as the extended and virtual enterprise. The information managed in Share-A-space® covers a product’s complete life cycle, from requirement to retirement making it the ideal community system not only across enterprises but also across domains of the product’s life cycle. Since its initial release, Share-A-space® has been focused on integration of product data from different sources with its unique feature of being based on product data standards such as STEP and PLCS. In addition to adding value by the standardization of legacy and proprietary product data, Share-A-space® brings powerful consolidation features to a community sharing product data. With Share-A-space® 7, integrating existing systems with Share-A-space® through web services is made even easier. Share-A-space® 7 is designed for integration with SharePoint and Microsoft Office 2010, greatly simplifying the viewing and editing of product information.

About Eurostep:
Eurostep delivers software and services for product lifecycle management with a particular focus on the exchange and sharing of data within and between enterprises. Eurostep’s flagship product, Share-A-space® is software that supports collaboration across the life cycle of products. Services range from pre-studies to the implementation and support of systems. Eurostep has subsidiaries in Sweden, the UK, Finland, France and the US and has blue-chip customers in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, defence,
high tech, building & construction and process industries.

For more information please contact:
Håkan Kårdén
CEO Eurostep Group
+46 8 4101 3150