Server features


These are the features of the ShareAspace Server that make it the state-of-the-art COTS software. These features are common to all end-user software built on ShareAspace.

Collaboration involves multiple systems across potentially many organizations, with different systems being the authoritative sources for different information. ShareAspace keeps track of which originating system loads or updates data into ShareAspace and ensures that information owned by an originating system is not updated unless approved by the master system.

Depending on the relationship with your partner and the collaboration you have with them, different level of Change Management is applied to your project. ShareAspace has support for different levels of Change Control, from an easy informal process where the changes are just tracked and you suggest changes through managed conversations to a more formal comprehensive Change Management, where you track requests, proposals and orders. Here you also apply approval processes that are driven be Work Items to ensure that the work get done.

The identification and categorization of logical documents and the relationship and access to the digital files that make up their content. There is no restriction on the type of digital content. Typical documents include CAD files, text-based documents such as Microsoft Office, pictures, source code or analysis results.

Versioning, multiple identifiers, multiple suppliers or manufacturing your parts, multiple views on the information defining your parts, change your parts or have your partners change it for you, navigate multilevel BOMs or even cross-domain BOMs. With Part Management you get all the features you expect from a regular PDM system and then some. Plus, it is designed to work in a collaborative environment with multiple partners contributing to your work.


ShareAspace data and file store is designed to capture and manage through-life product information. The internal database schema is based on the ISO 10303 (i.e. ISO 10303-214 Automotive Design, ISO 10303-239 Product Life Cycle Support and ISO 10303-233 System Engineering) and manages all aspects of product information such as requirements, analysis, design parts, engineering change, serialized parts and product support in an extensible manner. Furthermore, the repository manages the relationships between the different lifecycle events and their effectivity allowing a user access to the past, present and predicted through life breakdown of the product.


ShareAspace uses state-of-the-art technology with a data store tailored for PLM data. Manage just a couple of thousand parts in design collaboration or many millions in the entire fleet of all delivered products.


ShareAspace is designed to work on-premise or as a cloud-based service.


Adding applications, mobile apps or tailored analytics tools is easy. All business objects, standard as well as configured, are available via a REST API. Develop apps on any platform and use well-known development patterns and models.


ShareAspace Server is a task-driven user interface that gets the job done. Assign tasks to your participants and monitor how the project progresses, not only through the process but also through the maturity of your information.


The Maturity module gives you full control over the status of your information. Whether created by a user in the web UI, imported from an Excel file or loaded via integration to an existing Data Management system, ShareAspace ensures that the information definition is fulfilled. Non-conformant data can be complemented in the UI using easy-to-use wizards or other office tools.



Use pre-defined queries to find your data or design your own queries if you don’t think the pre-defined queries do the job for you. ShareAspace Server gives you full support for designing the queries that put you in control of your own data. Filter, sort or scan through your result in the web UI or download the result to Excel if you want to continue to analyze or manipulate the result.


Message Management is an informal way of tracking changes, requests and discussions about your information or the collaboration project. Message Management gives you a full audit trail and history of the conversation that has taken place in your Collaboration project.


ShareAspace is designed to be a complement to your decided sources systems, aka. master systems. It has unique features for consolidating information from multiple sources into a rich network of objects that can easily be navigated and analyzed. Use the available import and export capabilities to a number of bespoke (Microsoft Excel, proprietary CSV formats) and standard formats (ISO 10303-239, IS0 10303-233, ISO 10303-214, PDM Schema, 1388-2B, S1000D) including outputs to tailored text and HTML reports. The software development environment to create bespoke interfaces for integrating with enterprise systems such as ERP, PDM and Asset Management systems.


Available ShareAspace Mappers

As Products
  • Native ShareAspace import
  • SoftType-mapper (excel & json)
  • AP242 Mapper
  • XPDM Mapper
Eurostep Project Assets for Re-Use
  • ShareAspace neutral format
  • Excel/CSV-PDM data/physical instances
  • ISO 10303-203/214 – PDM schema
  • OASIS PLCS Product Life Cycle Support version 1.0
  • PLCS DEX1AD Aerospace and Defense Product Breakdown for Support
  • ISO 10303-242 ed1 Business Object Model