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Are you planning to improve and update your company’s supply/value chain? 

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  • The engineering supply chain solution that is now also available as Software-as-a-Service.
  • How you can share PLM and ERP data across your extended enterprise at low cost, with minimal implementation time and Out-of-the-Box.
  • How ShareAspace can help you meet business requirements and get you closer to partners and suppliers, while protecting your intellectual property.

Are you an Export Control Officer or a Programme Manager?

Attend our Forum to learn how to share engineering data subject to export controls and how ShareAspace can support any business dealing with licensed data.

Find out why ShareAspace is an important and essential solution relevant for all supply chain, purchasing and collaboration professionals and learn about:

  • How Eurostep with our 20+ years of experience move PLM collaboration into the cloud.
  • ShareAspace and how it adds value to your Microsoft and Azure investments.
  • How ShareAspace consolidates both structured and unstructured product data.
  • ShareAspace positioning and how it is complementary to what the big PLM, ERP and MRO vendors offer.
  • How ShareAspace supports joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and protects your engineering Intellectual Property.

Agenda (CEST):

14.00 – Introduction and housekeeping rules

14.05 – Business update

14.20 – ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing SaaS

14.40 – ShareAspace Export Control*

15.00 – Break

15.05 – Q&A

15.15 – ShareAspace cool features

15.30 – ShareAspace updates and looking ahead

15.45 – Q&A and wrap-up

*updated schedule on 02/06/20