Image credit: Brian Burnell

Eurostep is proud to announce that ShareAspace is now operational with the UK Ministry of Defence for the management of the technical information of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, the first of the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers. Information required to manage the material and operational state of the platform is made accessible through ShareAspace, Eurostep’s collaborative information management tool.

Eurostep and BAE Systems have been working collaboratively to ensure that accurate, timely and comprehensive information set concerning the vessel is available at the point of need to inform tactical and operational requirements as it enters service into the Royal Navy’s fleet.

We are proud that ShareAspace is selected and used for this nationally important purpose,” says Nigel Shaw, Managing Director, Eurostep Limited. “The approach we have taken, together with BAE Systems, of using standards-based collaboration tool, deals with the volume of information and its complexity whilst remaining accessible to users. ShareAspace provides the control over access and change needed for such a long lasting project,” ends Mr. Shaw.

UPDATE 19/06/19: To learn more, check the presentation from PI PLMX London 2019 by Roger Hobley, Technology Development manager at BAE Systems.

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