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ShareAspace Export Control release

Stockholm May 15, 2020

ShareAspace Export Control has been developed to assist companies exporting or importing products that are subject to export control regulations and in particular, control the sharing of associated technical information. Such controls are critical to adhering to export control regulations. The consequences of not complying can be significant and can result in extremely large fines.

ShareAspace Export Control enables the controlled sharing of information subject to export control regulations, such as ITAR, in global value chains. It encourages best practice in the management of export control data and maintains the records that export control authorities require.

ShareAspace Export Control is applicable to both the traditional defence companies and to any company involved with information that is Export Control classified.

Benefits of the ShareAspace Export Control for Exporters are:

  • Manage export control licences.
  • Associate licence documentation with licences.
  • Manage technical information that is subject to export control licences.
  • Support users in classifying information according to one or more export classifications.
  • Control sharing of licensed information to identified importers with granular restrictions.
  • Monitor data and record which files have been downloaded by whom and when.
  • Revoke a license and instantly remove the importer’s access to the exported information.
  • Maintain an audit trail of all information that has been shared by whom and on what date.

Benefits of the ShareAspace Export Control for Importers are:

  • Control user access to the shared licensed information.
  • Specify the locations from where users can access the licensed information.
  • Alert users to their legal obligations when accessing data.
  • Record who accessed and downloaded licensed information on what date.
  • Enable users to search and find information, but only access it when added to a licence.

“Security and control of intellectual property (IP) has always been core to ShareAspace”, say Håkan Kårdén, Marketing Manager, Eurostep Group. “This feature has been highly valued in the solutions we have delivered to leading global companies in aerospace, automotive, defence and AEC. We have added specific functionality to ShareAspace in the design of the Export Control product to meet the tough requirements from the industry that must comply with export control regulations. Eurostep has already delivered solutions based on the ShareAspace platform but this is a dedicated application for export control. We know it is of interest to large organisations in defence to have a modern solution for export control but we are also seeing an increasing interest from other sectors of the manufacturing industry where sensitive IP is shared as well as a growing need within small and medium businesses”, Håkan Kårdén.

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