ShareAspace Export Control

Many countries have regulations designed to protect their capabilities, both in commerce and defence. Generally these are known as Export Control Regulations. They are designed to stop both physical objects and related data, including software and design data, falling into “the wrong hands”, thereby protecting that country’s interests. Such regulations place restrictions on who can have access to both physical parts and information.

If data is covered by Export Control Regulations, there will typically be a licence that defines who can see that data. Thus additional controls have to be put in place for that data. Only those entitled to see the data will be granted access. Limitations will also be applied to ensure that the data can only be extracted or copied in conformance with the relevant licence. It is typical to track who has accessed the ECR data. Fortunately the core functions needed to satisfy these requirements are essentially similar to those used to protect Intellectual Property and not all data is subject to export control.

The Export Control template, built on ShareAspace, is aimed to address these issues and make sure the sharing of data and information is done in a smooth and controlled way, while still making sure that export controlled data is only handled by approved users.


Export control data compliance & global value chains collaboration

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