Eurostep and Pera sign partnership agreement for the Chinese Market

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PERA and Eurostep sign strategic partnership agreement

PERA Corporation Ltd, the high-end R&D leader in the field of China information technology, announce that they have entered into strategic partnership with Eurostep as a strategic partner in the Chinese market. Eurostep owns the flagship software Share-A-space, which can integrate product data from different product systems based on the underlying standardized information models (STEP/PLCS), and manage the product life cycle through fine-grained level collaboration supported by rich semantic content and secure access mechanisms to ensure data integrity, standardization, consistency and accuracy. Through this partnership with Eurostep, PERA will combine Share-A-space with PERA Lean R&D Platform to enrich simulation-driven design and lean R&D technology, and also deliver the secure PLM collaboration experience of Share-A-space to Chinese organizations.

About Eurostep

Established in 1994 in Sweden, Eurostep ( has been focusing on the development and application of product data standards for product life cycle management (PLM), and Eurostep develops the software product Share-A-space, a product data sharing platform. Share-A-space is used in PLM industry worldwide, and Eurostep has customers in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, high tech, building & construction and process industries. Eurostep customer base includes well known organization like Volvo, BAE Systems, Scania, Saab, Swedish Defence Material Administration, French MOD, Kongsberg, ThyssenKrupp, Vattenfall, Wärtsilä, Siemens, EADS and Honeywell. Eurostep has received awards and recognition by well-known organizations like CIMdata, CGI, Gartner and Microsoft.

Share-A-space provides standards based and secure data sharing inside and across organizations. based on Product Life Cycle Standard (STEP/PLCS). Share-A-space integrates with any product data from the Systems Engineering, Configuration Management, PDM/PLM, ERP, aftermarket and product support. Share-A-space can help customers respond to the changes in the market quickly and promote the collaboration of products in different stages effectively with better internal integration and with improved ways of collaboration with suppliers, customers and in joint ventures (JVs). Share-A-space allows for all the collaboration partners to keep their internal processes and IT and this also means that internal development of IT is decoupled from the collaboration system.

Mr. Wei-Shan Chiang from PERA, who is in charge of this strategic cooperation, says: Eurostep’s technology and PERA’s Lean R & D technology complement each other in a powerful way. Based on PLCS, the integration of Share-A-space and PERA Lean R&D Platform can help our customers build up secure unified data sharing and information management system without changing the existing business. We will help our clients in improving the quality and efficiency of collaboration in the phases of product design, process design, manufacturing and after-sales services, and reducing the collaboration cost with quality assured data available to all collaboration partners.

Mr. Karden, the CEO of Eurostep Group, is very enthusiastic about this strategic cooperation. Mr Karden says “PERA is the high-end R&D leader in the field of information technology in China, and its rich resources and leading industry experience will be vital in our joint approach to deliver leading edge PLM collaboration solutions to the Chinese market. PERA and Eurostep will work together for the development of high-end information technology built on the truly unique and powerful combination of our two companies and we certainly look forward to our collaboration with PERA,” ends Mr Karden.

About PERA Corporation Ltd 

PERA Corporation Ltd (  is the leading provider for lean R&D technology and service in China. With headquarter based in Beijing, PERA has established 13 branch offices with more than 600 employees. PERA owns about 3000 active users in China, covering many industry sectors such as aerospace & aviation, marine, electronics, automotive, university research institutes, etc. In 2008, PERA creatively put forward the concept of lean R & D, and has been commitment to the research and development of lean R&D technology since then. Through information means of integration, process management, data management, PERA successfully integrates the technology of co-simulation, multi-disciplinary optimization, innovative design, quality design, and virtual experimentation and develops an overall platform for enterprise management, control and execution–PERA Lean R&D Platform, which helps customers achieve high performance, high-quality and high profit results and creating sustainable and effective R&D solutions for the users.