Eurostep awarded French MOD contract for FELIN

New Share-A-space/PLCS project with French MOD – RFID feasibility study for FELIN

Eurostep France and its partner KBS have been selected by the French MOD to validate the capability of RFID techniques for FELIN. FELIN is a kit of equipments for ground soldiers – including guns and electronics.

The challenge to be addressed is to facilitate the management of the FELIN equipment – to be used by thousands of ground soldiers on site all over the world. The FELIN equipment has to be ruggedized to be used in the field and it has to consolidate all the traced data to provide an updated picture of the usage of equipment in the field. The challenge is also to enable the data sharing between IT applications (both internal and external) to improve the management and supply of equipment, with the right information at the right moment.

KBS is providing the RFID solutions and Eurostep provides Share-A-space which manages
information about the identified items. Share-A-space shares the data using the PLCS standard with systems including SIM@T – the IT system of the French Ground Forces.